All Risks Insurance​

You can’t put a price on sentimental value.

Why is the All Risks Insurance Useful?

In this day and age, you need to make sure that those items that are of sentimental value are protected. This is a unique insurance package that provides cover against accidental loss or damage on the specified property as a result of any cause not excluded by the policy. This covers portable items not specifically insured under other policies such as mobile phones, tablets, jewellery, watches, laptops, cameras and any other portables. Whenever, wherever you will be, you need not worry as our coverage for all risks items is worldwide.


What would you like to know?

  • This policy is ideal for business community such as supermarkets, hardwares and all types of shops, hotels, schools, wholesale and merchandise, churches, hospitals and clinics.

If you’re a homeowner, most mortgage lenders insist you have buildings cover in place to protect their investment. You don’t usually need buildings cover if you’re renting, but you may want contents insurance to help cover the cost of replacing your things if you suffer a