Fidelity Guarantee

Secure your business’ well-being.

Why is the Fidelity Guarantee Package useful?

Frauds and dishonesty in contractual obligations are a part of the business world. To safeguard your interests from unscrupulous people our FG policy ensures that organizations do not suffer because of a few bad apples among them. This policy broadly covers monetary loss sustained as a result of any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by the employees during performance of their duties.


What would you like to know?

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  • Duly completed and signed proposal form.
  • Company certificate of registration.
  • PIN Certificate for the company.
  • Cover limits or guaranteed limits.
  • Names and positions of covered custodians.

This policy is ideal for:

  • All institutions/companies that handle cash and employ Cashiers and accountants e.g. Banks, Schools, supermarkets, petrol stations, hardware shops
  • All institutions/Companies that employ sales persons and handle stock and cash collections
  • All institutions that have employees in record keeping, computer operators and purchasing
  1. Fidelity guarantee claim form to be filled by the insured.
  2. Employment details for the staff involved.
  3. Internal security report for the company/insured.
  4. Internal audit report for the company/Insured.
  5. Claim Reference no.
  6. Risk note.