Motor Private Insurance

Benefits of Private Motor Car Insurance

Why is Private Motor Car Insurance useful?

Our comprehensive car insurance covers any type of motor vehicle against accidental damage or overturning, loss or damage by fire and theft, malicious damage, perils of nature e.g.  floods, earthquake, storms, hurricanes and third party liabilities – which provides indemnity to the insured for death or bodily injuries to third-parties and/or passengers; and damage to property belonging to third-parties.

Benefits to the Insured

– We will have your car Repaired/or pay cash in case of loss or damage to the vehicle.

– We shall follow through the Settlement of claims arising from third party Bodily injury and third party property damage.

– This motor insurance includes provision of an alternative vehicle for use in case the insured is involved in an accident and it’s in the garage.

– Our auto insurance takes care of any expenses incurred in processing claims, including having an advocate appointed represent you in court for third party claims.

The following are also covered under the car insurance at an additional premium:

– Accessories :-These include windscreen and Radio cassettes. We will indemnify you against theft of accessories where declared.

– On request we will provide an Excess protector cover :- This means no excess payable in the event of a claim for all material damage claims.

– We will provide you on request a Political violence, terrorism & sabotage.

– We will provide you with a-Courtesy car while your car is undergoing repairs in the garage.


– We shall need a Duly completed and signed proposal form from you.

– We shall require a copy of PIN from you or Company certificate of registration for companies.

– PIN certificate for the company.

– Copy of Log Book.

– Applicable Premium.

How To File A Claim:

Motor Vehicle Accident

  1. Accident Claim form to be filled by the insured
  2. Original police abstract
  3. Copy of the drivers license
  4. Statement by the insured on the circumstances of the loss.

Windscreen claim

  1. Windscreen claim form to be filled by the insured
  2. Photo of the broken windscreen
  3. ETR receipt for prior replacements of the windscreen
  4. Photo of the replaced windscreen

Motor Vehicle Theft

  1. Motor Theft claim form to be filled by the insured
  2. Statement by the insured on the circumstances of the loss.
  3. Copy of the log book in the insured name
  4. Original Police abstract
  5. Copy of the driver’s License.
  6. Statement by the insured/Driver.
Frequently asked questions

What would you like to know?

No, the car insurance quotes you receive from us are the lowest rates negotiated from our panel of insurance companies in Kenya. These are competitive car insurance rates and you may not get them elsewhere in Kenya.

If it’s not possible to pay the full premiums in full, you may pay 50% of the premiums, the provider will issue a 1 month policy which is then extended when you complete the payment. In addition we can arrange an insurance premium financing through our Bank HFC, on this scheme, you pay a small cost to get financing from HFC.

Yes, some of our packages include a courtesy car. For others, you can add this optional benefit along with other benefits like personal accident cover, extra limits for windscreen damage and radio cassette damage.

Yes, valuation of the vehicle is required to complete the car insurance policy. On your quote for car insurance, we will use the closest known market value of the vehicle and once the cover is placed, we will issue a valuation letter/slip which you can use to request a FREE valuation at the appointed valuation outlet. However you will be required to present a copy of logbook for your car.

This policy will cover fire, theft, accidental damage to the vehicle and third party liabilities. We advise that you include other additional benefits such as excess protector and political violence cover to your policy to make it fully comprehensive.

Congratulations, you might be able to qualify for a discount on your car insurance by taking out a fleet car policy. Most insurers give discounts to owners of fleets (more than 2 cars). Are you a good driver? If you have a low claims ratio, you could qualify for a further discount on your car insurance quote in Kenya.

Yes, our claims team will assist you in the unfortunate event that you have a claim. For small claims, you can expect to have it processed in less than 5 working days if it’s been fully documented. Rest assured, our team will make sure you are back on the road as quickly as possible.

After reviewing and agreeing to your online quote for motor insurance, we will need a copy of your National ID/Passport, driving license and logbook of the vehicle in order to place your car insurance. We are required to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Laws and Regulations to provide basic minimum know Your Customer (KYC) Documents.

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What would you like to know?


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